Traveling Artist

Here i sit at the airport in Denmark on a long layover awaiting my flight back home to NYC. Im looking at the sketch books from my trip. I drew a lot more drawings than my last trip!

Bringing a sketch book when i travel has become an excellent way for me to capture inspiration. It also helps me to keep things fresh. I am able to jot down ideas, work out visuals, and plan paintings, all without overlying "every day tasks". I am also able to plan paintings without STARTING to paint them. This type of planning can be really nice for my crowded creative brain. My traveling sketch books have become a breeding ground for new, and good ideas.

Here is a gallery of many drawings i made during my time in Paris, and Barcelona. Some of them were made quickly when an idea came to me, scrambling to grab my sketch book. Others were completely free form studies i drew during down time. Some were made while having conversations with other travelers at a coffee shop. Just drawing to myself as "white noise" while we spoke about our travels. Perhaps the conversations became the white noise and drawing became my conversation.

I went through almost two sketch books, close to 100 pages. Here are 17 that made the cut.