Art = Gold

Everything in our world is changing fast. When I take the time to look around I realize that Art is the most important thing happening. If all of it goes to shit, Art will stand. Let me explain.

The internet is changing the Art world and this is going to continue. Galleries will continue losing control as artists gain it. The secondary market might get some surprises from the "leap froggers" who's social media followings allowed them to skip over crucial rungs of the ladder. People will continue to create new apps, and adapt the gallery- artist- collector structure. Things will continue to change, and hopefully come full circle to a "new model" of how it will all work. This isn't the end for galleries though; their role in the Art world is far too important. Perhaps only the lower end galleries will be forced to adapt. 

The most exciting part is that nobody knows exactly what will happen. But one thing I know for sure: Art is gold. 

Just look around. Look how fast Nike is producing all the most popular color ways of the Jordan shoe. Look how many high end designers are signing young independent artists to sell their crap. The speed and intensity at which we are being sold stuff is at an all time high. All the big companies are cashing in, selling their b/s. They know we won't buy it forever. People are catching on. Young people are beginning to see through rap culture selling them worthless stuff that fades out in a year. 

Money has already ruined the music industry, but visual Art is different. It's digested differently. An honest painting is something tangible, it's physical. Its not a song you listen to over and over it's something you can hold. Something you can physically hang in your home. It has the potential to become a family heirloom, a treasure, an artifact, if nothing else: a piece in a collection. Art will rise above the b/s going on in today's world. I have personally been selling Art to more high school and college students every year. Spending money they could have spent on some stupid designer shit, on original art work made by a human being wholeheartedly. 

An honest painting will grow with you throughout life. As you look at it during different stages and chapters in your own journey that painting will effect you in new ways. You can interact with a painting. You can have a relationship with a painting. Best of all when you buy a painting that you truly identify with, you begin building a relationship with the very artist who made it. It's a real human to human experience and that is so pure. What else is left in today's world that is pure? Art is gold.