Yesterday I had a meeting in Brooklyn that left me smiling from ear to ear. I met with a woman who is asking me to do a two month residency in Italy. Traveling with her team who brings social services to Syrian refugees living in camps. Her vision for me is that I use that time to create a body of work inspired by my experience. After the trip we will have an opening in NYC displaying the work I create. This show will be a window into something happening in the world right now that can't be documented. The refugees must remain anonymous for obvious reasons. The goal is not to get involved in any of the politics but to help these humans having to start over - and to share the experience through my art. 


The very same woman pitching me had just wandered into my show during Art Basel last month. She didn't know who any of us were, she hadn't seen the show flyer; she was just walking by. She came back the next day to see the show again. The second day she and I had a long conversation about what she was doing overseas. This is when  the spark happened. 


Go with the flow. Ignite the sparks. Who knows what tomorrow will bring