'Umbrella Solution'

The beginning of this painting was completely organic. I started with the nose from the thanks face as I often do, and made some crazy marks over it. I then went in with scraps of a flesh colored spray paint moving in a downward direction. When the spray happened, the two shapes I made looked like legs.

The legs are what made me think of the Mortons salt girl. So I took a moment to reference that image and embrace my new direction. At that point all I knew was that I was painting the Mortons salt girl.

After pushing and pulling with the abstraction to translate more into a dress, I outlined the umbrella, and painted it in a solid slate purple. I instantly envisioned the Gucci print inside the umbrella. I don't know why.

It made me think "why did I envision that?" Asking that question opened up my inner debate about branding and how money enslaves us etc.

That's where the metaphor was born for this painting. The girl is a chaotic mess. All the crazy marks, the abstraction; she's all mixed up. But it's a beautiful mess. She's unique. Still, I'm sure some of that mess could be fixed with some soul searching. 

The umbrella symbolizes what the girl allows the world to see. She's dressing up the outside instead of working on the inside. Covering up the mess instead of searching for inner happiness. Kind of displaying this "prestige" on the outside when inside everything is chaos.

'The Umbrella Solution' || Paul Cooley 2017 || 48x60" acrylic and spray paint on canvas

'The Umbrella Solution' || Paul Cooley 2017 || 48x60" acrylic and spray paint on canvas

After creating this painting I realized it can be taken in other ways, like the girl's chaos is art. She's dressed in designer like every other rich girl but inside she is actually a work of abstract art. I wonder how others will percieve it.