paintings about today


Paintings About Today is a solo exhibition of new works by Paul Cooley.

"Historically artists go through periods. For me it feels like each day is a new one. My life has become such an adventure" -Paul Cooley

Paul opens a dialogue about inspiration as it happens on a day to day basis. The paintings do in fact follow a certain theme - no theme. "Nothing was predetermined when starting any one of these paintings" says Paul. "...each one evolved naturally, just like we do as humans. We all want to like, be someone or do something specific but often life has other plans. We can fight it, but when we go with it we really get something beautiful."


The complex layering of Paul's new body of work shows a lot of depth and playing with space. The evolution of his work as a whole is apparent. Each painting plays into a unique emotion, path or day/days in Paul's life. Paintings About Today is on view through April 20th at ALoft Hotel in Long Island City


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